A Special Issue of Substance Use and Misuse on
Technology-based Interventions for Substance Use and Related Issues

Edited by Lisa A. Marsch, PhD

Lisa A. Marsch, PhD, the Director of NDRI’s Center for Technology and Health, has edited the January 2011 Special Issue of Substance Use and Misuse, focused on technology-based interventions (delivered via computers, the web, and mobile devices) targeting substance use disorders and related issues (volume 46, No. 1). The collection of articles in this Special Issue highlight the important role that empirically supported technology can play in improving the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and reach of efforts to assess as well as prevent and treat substance misuse and other risk behavior (including overeating and HIV risk behavior). Technology has the potential to address many of the challenges associated with the delivery of science-based interventions in community settings, as it allows for complex interventions to be delivered at a low cost, without increasing demands on clinical staff time or training needs. Technology-based assessment and interventions can also function as important therapeutic tools that may be used in a wide array of settings and provide, on-demand access to therapeutic support, thereby creating unprecedented models of intervention delivery and reducing barriers to accessing care. This Special Issue highlights the work by key members of the small but growing research community that has led the field in developing and testing technology-based assessment and intervention tools addressing substance use and related risk behaviors.

Full text of the Special Issue is available at the following link:

January, 2011