Relapse to Substance Use:
Triggers and Lessons Learned

Principal Investigator: Alexandre B. Laudet, PhD, NDRI

Funding Source: Funded by the Peter McManus Charitable Trust (Dec 2003-DEC 2004)

This project builds on the Pathways study with the following research objectives:

  • To document past relapse patterns among persons who have achieved stable abstinence (over 3 years);
  • To identify factors that promote and prevent relapse and to investigate whether they change with length of abstinence achieved (e.g., are factors associated with relapse after 6 or 12 months similar to or different from those after, 6, 10, 12, etc. years of abstinence?)
  • To learn about the context of the relapse experience from participants who have achieved stable recovery and gained perspective into the challenging process of addiction recovery.

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