Center for Technology and Health

Director: Michelle Acosta

Mission Statement

The Center for Technology and Health (CTH) at National Development and Research Institutes is an interdisciplinary research and development group focused on the creative and systematic application of cutting-edge technologies to the health sciences and health care.   CTH is dedicated to using technological advances to achieve a new level of understanding of health behavior and to develop innovative tools that may effectively expand the reach of evidence-based, health-related interventions.  

As a dynamic community of scientists and technologists, CTH focuses on a broad array of health-related issues of public health significance, including substance use disorders and addiction, mental health disorders, impulse control disorders, the acquisition and progression of infectious diseases, and the evolution of health care systems.  CTH develops and evaluates sophisticated technologies focused on health behavior assessment and monitoring and the dissemination of evidence-based and cost-effective educational, prevention and treatment interventions.

Goals of The Center for Technology and Health:

  • To foster innovative scientific research and development activities that employ state-of-the art technologies in a broad range of health-related applications of public health significance
  • To promote the dissemination of science-based, technological advances to enable widespread access to cost-effective health-promotion tools at the individual, community, national and global levels
  • To provide infrastructure that allows geographically-disparate expert teams with diverse training and skills to productively collaborate on shared projects
  • To facilitate cross-institutional linkages that enable partnerships which transcend disciplines in creating new technology- and science-based models of health care delivery